C’mon Right Wing….

By: Christine Varichak

  After blogging since around the middle of last year, I’ve now become a pretty avid blog-reader; which ironically was never an interest before I actually began writing.  Now a whole new world of people with opinions…political opinions has been made public, permanent, and widely invited.  My research;  scrolling on Facebook, shows that Americans-whether left or right wing…Hate each other.  Not in the Let’s throw tea into the river sort of hate, the I literally want you to die hate.  Which makes me wonder…What are the Republicans (yes I am one) doing wrong, and what can we improve?

  So, fellow right wingers…The following list is comprised of logical advice to those who genuinely want to use social media, and even your personal relationship, as a platform  to witness truth.  Spoiler alert, this is NOT a religious argument…just plain old common sense.

1) Stop Protesting abortion clinics, gay parades, and Target.  Jesus never knocked down the doors of the murderers, or adulterers. He invited them to dine with him.  The Lord wants to save babies, and preserve our rights to our dressing rooms, and bathrooms- true; but He also never controlled people.  That’s not the Christian agenda. 

2. Stop hating on social media.  So you wanna be on social media as a modern day Christian? Sigh.  Ok, then use it as a platform to speak love and life, not hate. You are an ambassador for Christ (his representative), so be cautious…because yes people are watching you. People are out there every day without hope, without the Lord, and they’re waiting for you to live as a Christian, not just say you’re a Christian.

3. Don’t comment unless…When people on Facebook, the Fox News App, or Twitter, leave their feedback on how horrible the Trump Administration is…Just let sleeping dogs lie.  Otherwise you’re inviting an argument, which the book of proverbs says is a trap and a snare.  

 Good luck fellow Republicans, remember that the Lord is compassionate to us, lets remember to love others just the same.


Why Hillary lost…And how TRUMP will win a 2nd Term

I know I know…Bold much?  But I am confident Trump will win a 2nd term…And here’s why!
I remember November 9th like it was yesderday…and seeing the voter’s results come in- with my morning coffee (No I didn’t stay up all night).  I wasn’t shocked, or even surprised…Because I knew why Hillary had lost.

1) Our NEED always wins votes, not our Want.  Americans are smart. I’ll say it again, Americans are smart! We may not always know why we need what we need, but we know we need it! For example I know I need food to survive.  I don’t know the specifics of what exactly happens when I eat, or how my body digests food, but I know if I don’t get enough of it I’ll die.  America had been starving for 8 years, and we know why.  America knows she’s in trouble, and giving out more handouts, bailouts, and “free” healthcare failed.  Period.   We need jobs, factories, good doctors, and help with our budget and deficit; the hammer to come down on ISIS, and other terrorists invading our country.   We’ve lost our original vision of why America was made to be The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to begin with. Trump fit the bill to restoration. As a businessman, and not a politician trying to stroke the American people, Trump gains our vote of confidence every time. 

2) Enough compassion already!  Hillary’s campaign really screwed up when they advised her to throddle the “compassion pooch” for as long as she could ride. The final debate was a massacre on Women’s Rights as we know them. And coming from a woman…That’s  a pretty sour pill to swallow.  She thought the outright support of aborting full-term babies (which are 50% women!) was the legitimate path to winning women’s trust…All she did was instill the original bad taste in our mouths toward the Clintons…Kinda the same taste (we women) had when she stood behind Bill as he lied to the American people about his affair.  So much for women’s rights…

3) She is a bully…And not a very good one. Reports came flooding in on every news station, women’s talk show, and even SNL wanted a piece of the “Trump takedown” pie…But Trump kept talking about what he was going to change, and how to make ‘America Great Again’.  When he attacked Hillary it wasn’t for her views, but the lack of work she has accomplished according to what she promiced as Senator.  She had already failed in so many of the promices she originally made, and was often double-minded in what her stance actually was…She left many voters confused by September, and worst of all, doubting she could really change anything about America. But rather, to keep implementing what Obama already accomplished in the Dems’ eyes. This didn’t make her a new, hot commodity, but rather a lying policitican, who will sink to the sewer to take Trump down.