The Best Revenge

Written By: Christine Baskin

When Elizabeth Smart (age 14)  was returned home after being repeatedly raped and tortured by her captors for nine months of “living hell”, her mother  spoke the most profound statement to young Elizabeth.  She could’ve stuck her in therapy for the rest of her life, enabling Elizabeth to victimize herself for the rest of her days (no one would’ve blamed her).  Instead, she empowered her only child.  She said, “Elizabeth, what you’ve been through is terrible, and you may never feel like restitution is made, but the best punishment you can give them is to be happy.”

Elizabeth is now happily married, spiritually secure, and a thriving advocate against pornography and abuse.  She is helping other girls receive healing.

Joyce Meyer, who is a public figure and advocate for abuse survivors, was repeatedly raped and manipulated for almost her entire childhood (ages 3-17).  Today, her testimony of healing was her ability to recognize and confront her Dad, then forgive him.  What happened to her was not OK.  But, she forgave him, and even took care if him in his ailing years. It seems in the Christian culture today, we want to ‘break free’ from the chains of bondage, quickly, never confronting the issue in the right and proper way.  We’re  skipping an essential step in our healing process.

If you have been hurt, abused, or manipulated; (haven’t we all in some way?) why not talk to God and ask what steps should you take to complete your healing process.  And get the best revenge, Set yourself FREE!